Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Writing prompt: yellow trousers in Verona

During the day I'm quite happy travelling alone. In the coffee and wine drinking countries in Europe I'll start the day early, have a shot of espresso standing at a bar and listening. Then I walk and take photos.

In Italy a couple of years ago, I became fascinated with the range of coloured trousers the men were wearing. So I started trying to capture as many as I could...

This man was waiting across the street from my apartment. I stood on my 3rd floor balcony sipping a Spritzer, and after about 20 mins he was kind enough to pose front and back.

I thought of him, and some of the other photos from that trip, as I was trying to describe some men's outfits for a piece I'm working on.

There are so many people photos in my library, I may share a few, and maybe you'll find something to inspire you.

nb: I know my photos are nothing like professional quality. I'm merely sharing theme as character studies and potential writing prompts.

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