Saturday, 27 July 2013

Time Out Track - Amazing

Our first holiday was a road trip up the east coast of Australia in mum's car - power steering and air conditioning luxury, camp sites on the beach, pubs with balconies.

We drove from Byron Bay home to Melbourne in one day. Hadn't planned it that way but after two weeks on the coast, there was nowhere inland that we wanted to stop.

Instant coffee in a thermos, a one dayer between Australia and Pakistan, Tamworth, Dubbo, the dish at Forbes, Wagga...thinking this is it.

Bare feet on the dash, windows down, salty hair flying, singing loudly the song that even radio saturation couldn't spoil. Him smiling at me, even when I was off-key. Thinking this is the man for me.

More days have passed than the miles we covered then, or the days we ended up spending together.

Summer in London, no longer feeling loss or regret, for 3:20, while the kids are playing in the courtyard next door, singing loudly out the loft windows. And smiling. And it's Amazing.

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