Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Time Out (Writing) Track

I'm sitting in the library at the Royal Institute of British Architects. I didn't think they'd have wifi. I thought the room would be far more impressive - the entrance is. But in here it's a musty reference room where lots of older people are intent on large hardcover texts.

I wanted to leave when I arrived, but that's probably more about escaping today's task: manuscript edit.

They do have wifi, and I was searching for a playlist to help me when I came across the album, 'Man With A Movie Camera' by The Cinematic Orchestra.

It's been a fabulous writing set, as being a soundtrack it's role is to support a film rather than feature. I haven't seen the experimental documentary, but will be going back to this album for future writing.

Hope it's useful for some of you


  1. That is a good writing/editing soundtrack! I can never work with wifi on, though - too many temptations/distractions. You must have more willpower than me :-)

  2. Not so sure about the willpower Andrew - when I read your comment on Friday afternoon (ie work hours) I was at my local, trapped in front of Wimbledon! I do find music can really help when I'm writing. Twitter...however...far too...distracting.