Friday, 16 August 2013

I don't mind what you call it, just make sure it's available

I've heard and read a lot of discussions about categories lately, particularly on the 'new adult' debate - is the term patronising, what is an appropriate target market for books with detailed sex scenes - and at the crux of it for some, what shelves do you put them on in a bookshop?

I don't have any answers, or really strong opinions, but it did make me think about the categorisation creativity in the music industry, where it's almost a challenge to come up with something new. A bit like the names of paint colours, or car models.

A few of my favourites are:

"emerged as an experimental reaction to the predominance of grunge, the indie-rock's sub sub genre: slowcore".

Here's one of the hits from their latest album

John Paul White (The Civil Wars) "could well be the co-inventor of a new musical genre: the gothic-folk power ballad"

A hit from their debut album -

And genius - apparently coined by the Haitian band, Foula - "voodoo jazz".

Be it books, music, films, art, as long as I can find it and try it, I really don't mind what you call it.

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