Monday, 22 April 2013

Eye on Australian releases

While I’m talking about Australian artists (see True To Form), I want to share some recent and upcoming releases from Australia which I’m really looking forward to reading:

'Belomor' by journalist Nicolas Rothwell (January 2013)

'Cat &Fiddle' by Lesley Jorgensen (debut novel, Feb 2013)

'The Railwayman’s Wife' by Ashley Hay (April 2013)

'The Secret Lives of Men' by Georgia Blain (short stories, April 2013)

'Burial Rites' by Hannah Kent (debut novel, May 2013)

'Cairo' by Chris Womersley (September 2013) 

And I don’t know details yet, but I’ve heard that a new Favel Parrett novel is expected later this year. If you haven’t read her highly acclaimed debut ‘Past The Shallows’ it’s deservedly featured in a swag of awards.

Of course this is a small sample, and many well known Australian writers have books coming out this year, but I wanted to some that may otherwise be hidden gems across the shores. 

I’ll leave you with a comment cited by Josh Wakely in his Ted Talk with Daniel Johns

"Australian story-tellers are completely different from the rest of the world. They have a unique way of telling stories and that's that we nearly always leave a question mark at the end of our stories rather than a definitive answer."



  1. This is interesting, Jen - lots of new names for me to look into. It's a shame that publishing is still so segregated by nation. The big names are known internationally, but so many good writers aren't really read beyond their own shores. It's good, though, that the web makes it easier to track down copies of books from other countries now.

    I like the question mark quote - I think it's good to leave some things for readers to figure out!

  2. Thanks Andrew - I hope you enjoy uncovering some Australian talent. There's lots more I can recommend!

    1. Great - I'll keep reading for more recommendations!