Wednesday, 24 April 2013

All the voices in our heads...

I'm reading 'A Virtual Love' by Andrew Blackman  and as well as enjoying a very current story, I keep admiring his technical ability to narrate as seven different characters.

In the wrong hands this approach can be confusing, or the signposts are too obvious, or some of the voices can end up sounding too similar. But here each chapter flows smoothly, including a grandfather, a girlfriend, a best mate and a boss, and offers such interesting insights to propel the story.

The interview with Andrew posted today on The Undercover Soundtrack is a great insight into how he used music to help capture the different voices he needed.

I love being surprised by the voices or identities artists can assume convincingly. And here's a couple of surprises in music videos where the voice was quite different to what I was expecting!

Stay tuned for future posts with "time out tracks"


  1. Hey, thanks Jen. That's really great to hear. As you can tell from the post, I had to work quite hard on those voices, so it's very gratifying to hear that they do come across as distinct and believable.

    I enjoyed the music videos! Definitely surprised me there, especially in the first one!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog, Jen - and nice to meet you! What Andrew pulled off was very tricky and I've read high-profile novels that failed miserably to convince with their different voices. Kudos to Andrew.

  3. It was great to discover The Undercover Soundtrack this morning - I'll certainly be keeping an eye on it. Andrew's dedication was a good inspiration for me as I'm trying to be a 45yo man at the moment. It's fun but whether or not I can be convincing remains to be seen!

  4. Nice post, Jen. I was really surprised by Seeker Lover Keeper! Haven't read Andrew's novel yet but a book with very distinct voices that really stood out for me was The Poisonwood Bible. Told from the POV of four sisters and each was very different.