Thursday, 6 June 2013

Time Out Track - from the Continent

Awake since 5am with day-before-holidays-and-it's-sunny-outside-excitement. And a moment of regret for that third pint last night, but have you had Moor No'Or Hop and stopped at one? It's worth ordering another just to see if you can say the name. By the third I think I pointed at the tap, but could still taste how good it is.

And if I don't read what I wrote at my window seat in the pub I can rest happily in the knowledge that a paragraph of hand scribbled notes was embellished into a 1,500 word story of commendable quality.

So this morning I wanted to post a couple of current and cool songs from Spain and France, my destinations. In both countries Daft Punk are killing the charts, and they don't really need more promo. Just so it's clear, I'm a big fan, and seeing them live is an unforgettable experience.

From Spain I like We Are Standard (but a lot of their music videos star puppets) and Phoenix from France (but I just couldn't find that holiday feel track), so here's a few old school sound numbers from these fine countries. They're good packing tracks...and I'm excited!

Caveat: I have no idea what these lyrics are about, and don't really want to know. I'm just going for the sound. And the clips!

And if you've got any other bands from these countries you like I'd love to listen to them. Or if there's a country you're looking to explore, just let me know.

Adios, au revoir, hasta luego, santé

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