Friday, 1 November 2013

My walk with Autumn

Autumn and I decided to go for a walk together.

I said - Aren't we lucky, we don't have anywhere that we have to be.

Autumn was silent.

We walked for a long time and I remembered how Autumn can be a dramatic toddler sometimes. 

Autumn said - I can't stay here. With you. I'm sorry. 

Autumn left me last Thursday at 4.55pm. I felt the cold of the abandoned, but kept walking. We've been through this before but I'm not sure how many more goodbyes I have left in me. So I put my scarf on and walked underneath determined trees and kept pace with men with satchels and resolved that in fact it is for the best.

After a 5 hour walk I'd left Clapham for Arsenal. Autumn was fading. I felt that there was someone else just around the corner who may turn out to be more reliable.


  1. I walk and photograph too. These are gorgeous photos Jen. I use my photos and walks as visual prompts for my stories. Do you do this too?

    1. Thanks for your very kind words, Jane. I always think I will use my photos as prompts, but then seem to struggle doing that. Perhaps because I associate the time/myself too much with the image. I tend to use others' writing prompts (eg Sarah Selecky, Morgen Bailey) rather than pictures.